[OmniOS-discuss] Zones built on r151006 install as r151008, breakage.

Lauri Tirkkonen lotheac at iki.fi
Sun Dec 8 11:01:35 UTC 2013

On Sun, Dec 08 2013 01:54:21 -0500, Eric Sproul wrote:
> Your 006 install might be missing the omnios-userland incorporation.  It
> was left out of the default install by mistake but wasn't apparent until
> the repo had post-006 packages.  We'll be releasing a fix for that next,
> but you can just install it at 006 as noted in the 006->008 upgrade guide.

I believe this isn't enough, since the zone install only installs
entire. It would work if entire depended on omnios-userland, but in the
meantime you could use 'zoneadm -z test1 install -e omnios-userland'
which makes sure omnios-userland is also installed in the zone.

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