[OmniOS-discuss] mpt_sas wedge

wuffers moo at wuffers.net
Tue Dec 10 05:04:05 UTC 2013

On Mon, Dec 9, 2013 at 4:45 PM, Paul B. Henson <henson at acm.org> wrote:

> One question; in this case, when it completely died, it ended up printing
> out the wwn of the drive in question so it was easy to find. However, I'm
> not quite sure how to map "target 17" to an actual disk if all I had were
> the warning messages. Any pointers?

I had some SCSI warnings as well relating to a target, and I found this
helpful thread on determining a disk target (uses lsiutil):

It'll help you find a serial number or wwn.
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