[OmniOS-discuss] Dell R720 & Broadcom ethernet

Scott Roberts scotty at jhu.edu
Thu Dec 26 19:45:46 UTC 2013


It has the following:

Broadcom 57800 2x10Gb DA/SFP+ + 2x1Gb BT Network Daughter Card

Broadcom 57810 Dual Port 10Gb Direct Attach/SFP+ Network Adapter

Total of (2) GigE and (4) 10Gb SFP+ ports.


On 12/26/13, 2:38 PM, "Saso Kiselkov" <skiselkov.ml at gmail.com> wrote:

>On 12/26/13, 7:19 PM, Scott Roberts wrote:
>> To be clear, neither the onboard Gigabit or 10Gig links are shown, only
>> loopback, so running a pkg install fails.  I don't have any PCI ethernet
>> cards to throw in this thing, either.  I'm pretty much dead in the
>Which NICs did you purchase this box with? Broadcom or Intel?

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