[OmniOS-discuss] Problem with Omni R151014 upgrade

Volker A. Brandt vab at bb-c.de
Fri Jun 5 16:00:18 UTC 2015

Hi Lawrence!

> I am trying to upgrade OmniOS but I keep getting network issue so I
> am think of setting up a local repo so that my internal servers can
> grab the upgrade file from the local repo, can someone teach me how
> to do? I followed the wiki but it is very confusing and I need to do
> this tomorrow.

I think you were almost there.  Quoting from your initial mail:

> # zfs create tankNodeR/NFS/omniosR151014repo
> # pkgrepo create /tankNodeR/NFS/omniosR151014repo


> # pkgrepo set -s /tankNodeR/NFS/omniosR151014repo
> publisher/prefix=OmniOSr151014.abc.internal

No.  You should use the same publisher as the repo you are copying from:

  /usr/bin/pkgrepo add-publisher -s /tankNodeR/NFS/omniosR151014repo omnios

Then you copy the repo from the source:

> # pkgrecv -s http://pkg.omniti.com/omnios/r151014 -d
> file:///tankNodeR/NFS/omniosR151014repo/ 'pkg:/*'

Yes, except that '*' will be enough.  Why did you want to exclude the
two kayak packages here?  No need really, just get everything.  Or is
it the kayak stuff that triggers the network issue?

Anyway, then you set up the pkg server:

> # svccfg -s pkg/server setprop pkg/inst_root =
> /tankNodeR/NFS/omniosR151014repo
> # svccfg -s pkg/server setprop pkg/port = 10000
> # svcadm refresh pkg/server
> # svcadm enable pkg/server

Yes.  Note that you set the port to be 10000 here.

Verify that your server works by connecting to
http://OmniOSr151014.abc.internal:10000/ with your browser (note the port).

Then, on the client do:

> root at sgdevOmniOS:~# pkg unset-publisher omnios
> root at sgdevOmniOS:~# pkg set-publisher -P --set-property signature-policy=require-signatures -g http://OmniOSr151014.abc.internal/ omnios

Almost.  You forgot the port.  Also, you can do it in one step:

  # pkg set-publisher -P --set-property signature-policy=require-signatures -G
    '*' -g http://OmniOSr151014.abc.internal:10000/ omnios

Before you update the client, refresh the local catalog:

  # pkg refresh --full omnios

Then update the client:

  # pkg update -v --be-name=omnios-r151014 entire

I usually do a dryrun with -n before the actual update.

Hope this helps -- Volker
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