[OmniOS-discuss] r151012 is coming...

Dan McDonald danmcd at omniti.com
Sat May 9 17:45:40 UTC 2015

I *believe* it's more than 6G, but not quite 12 yet.  I didn't have any 3008 boards in house to see, but the illumos community did.  You may be better off asking an illumos mailing list that question.

I'd go with a 3008 on the board one, just make sure it has the IT firmware, and the correct (not latest) version. I think 28 is the known good version.  Storage types here can confirm/deny that data point.


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> On May 9, 2015, at 1:38 PM, Dave Pooser <dave-oo at pooserville.com> wrote:
>> On 9/2/14, 1:22 PM, "Dan McDonald" <danmcd at omniti.com> wrote:
>> This includes HW goodies like LSI 3008-based 12G SAS (albeit not at
>> optimal performance yet)
> How sub-optimal is the LSI 3008-based support currently (as in 014)? Are
> we talking "faster than 6G SAS but not as fast as it should be" or "same
> speed as 6G SAS" or something else? The application would be a storage
> server running 24-36 hard drives as multiple RAIDz2 devices, used mostly
> for archiving large video files, so ridiculous performance isn't necessary
> -- mostly I'm looking at SuperMicro boards that already have the 3008
> inside and want to know if I need to consider adding a better-supported
> HBA instead. 
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