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What is the on board storage controller?  That's  probably the unsupported hardware.


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An update to  my previous message:

I am using only  Legacy BIOS boot mode now and skipping UEFI entirely. Using the changes to the grub menu found in the link below I was able to  get to the install screen using the r151014 image however I still get a no disk found error.
 The controller is : HP Smart Array P440ar Controller


I have been trying to install OmniOS on a HP Proliant Gen9 server (r151014) but it will only boot in Legacy boot mode. R151012 will boot but no disks are found when I try to install. Has anyone experienced these issues? R151012 worked with
 our Proliant Gen8, is this a driver issue or something else?









Josh Barton

Utah Stage University Research Foundation
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