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Sorry. I missed the P440ar the first time I read through the thread.

Details this issue. It doesn’t look like the patch to get this driver supported has been tested or upstreamed. (someone else will have to answer).

Have you tried switching to HBA mode as detailed below?

I know that HP lists it as supporting Solaris 11, but that doesn’t mean it’s OmniOS compatible
This thread may be of some help. It looks like, at least for now, you have some bleeding edge hardware with unknown omnios support.
You might have to get another compatible storage controller, or pay some support bucks to get it tested/integrated. 
The supported storage controllers for the HP Gen 9s are here.
The P441 and P840 might have better luck, but I’m not sure. Ideally, you can run with a storage controller listed in the HCL
Hope this helps.
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All I can find for the Storage controller is: HP Smart Array P440ar Controller
Thanks for taking the time to look at this
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What is the on board storage controller? That's probably the unsupported hardware.


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An update to  my previous message:
I am using only  Legacy BIOS boot mode now and skipping UEFI entirely. Using the changes to the grub menu found in the link below I was able to  get to the install screen using the r151014 image however I still get a no disk found error. The controller is : HP Smart Array P440ar Controller
I have been trying to install OmniOS on a HP Proliant Gen9 server (r151014) but it will only boot in Legacy boot mode. R151012 will boot but no disks are found when I try to install. Has anyone experienced these issues? R151012 worked with our Proliant Gen8, is this a driver issue or something else?
Josh Barton
Utah Stage University Research Foundation
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