[OmniOS-discuss] SMB issues after r151014 -> r151018

Olaf Marzocchi lists at marzocchi.net
Wed Apr 20 22:28:40 UTC 2016

I updated as indicated in the guide and to do that I had to uninstall 
some packages:

serf at 1.3.8,5.11-0.151014:20151015T214958Z
apr-util at 1.4.1,5.11-0.151014:20150508T204811Z 
apr at 1.5.1,5.11-0.151014:20150529T175834Z
uuid at 1.41.14,5.11-0.151014:20150508T153803Z

After reboot I got two main issues.

1) I cannot reach my OmniOS box with "OmniOS-Xeon.local" as I usually 
did in the past, both for SMB, local webserver/services, ... but I can 
still access the box when I use the plain IP.

OmniOS-Xeon:~ olaf$ cat /etc/nodename

2) I cannot access one specific SMB share ("olaf") that was working 
perfectly before the update. Using the IP of the machine allows me to 
access the other shares, but not this one. It was also the one with the 
most restrictive access ACLs, but they look fine to me.

OmniOS-Xeon:~ olaf$ sharemgr show
[and more shares, all working]

OmniOS-Xeon:~ olaf$ ls -lV /tank/home/
total 34
drwx------+ 15 olaf     olaf          15 Oct 25 11:27 olaf

OmniOS-Xeon:~ olaf$ tail /var/adm/messages
Apr 20 22:30:04 OmniOS-Xeon smbsrv: [ID 138215 kern.notice] NOTICE: 
smbd[OMNIOS-XEON\olaf]: temporar share not found
Apr 20 22:30:04 OmniOS-Xeon last message repeated 10 times
Apr 20 22:30:33 OmniOS-Xeon smbsrv: [ID 138215 kern.notice] NOTICE: 
smbd[OMNIOS-XEON\olaf]: olaf share not found
Apr 20 22:30:36 OmniOS-Xeon last message repeated 8 times

As you can see, the last letter of the share name in /var/adm/messages 
gets cut for the share "temporary", but not for my own share "olaf". 
However, my own share is neither visible nor accessible, while the other 
ones are.

Has anything changed about permissions with SMB2?


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