[OmniOS-discuss] Wiki is slightly broken

Jacob Vosmaer contact at jacobvosmaer.nl
Mon Apr 25 19:50:06 UTC 2016

Hi Eric,

All may not be well after all: I was having a hard time clearing omniti.com
from my Chrome's local HSTS list... turns out omniti.com is hard-coded in


I suspect somebody submitted omniti.com via https://hstspreload.appspot.com/

2016-04-25 21:16 GMT+02:00 Eric Sproul <eric.sproul at circonus.com>:

> On Mon, Apr 25, 2016 at 2:55 PM, Jacob Vosmaer <contact at jacobvosmaer.nl>
> wrote:
> > Thanks Eric!
> >
> > It seems like I accidentally took this thread off-list. I think the
> summary
> > for everyone else is: HSTS on omniti.com accidentally trickled down to
> > omnios.omniti.com, affecting visitors who loaded up omnios.omniti.com at
> > just the right (wrong) time. HSTS headers should have been fixed now.
> Thanks for the summary Jacob-- can you confirm that you're no longer
> seeing the issue?  If so, we can call this one "explained".  :)
> Eric
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