[OmniOS-discuss] Supermicro X9DR3-F PCI Bus reported fault.

Schweiss, Chip chip at innovates.com
Wed Apr 27 11:34:55 UTC 2016

I've run many Supermicro servers in the X9 and X10 series.   It sounds like
you have a bad board, or at the minimum a bad slot.   If it's under
warranty get it exchanged.


On Tue, Apr 26, 2016 at 9:47 PM, Shaun McGuane <shaun at rackcentral.com>

> Hi OmniOS list,
> I am wondering if anyone has had any experience with the Supermicro boards
> for OmniOS in particular Model X9DR3-F
> I have it setup with 2x Intel E5-2670 processors (so I can use all the
> pci-e slots) and 256GB DDR3 ECC Ram as a base.
> I have then tried to run this with LSI 9207-8i Cards x3 for the complete
> setup, started off with none to get a base OmniOS
> Install on the server to ensure all is working OK before adding cards and
> drives.
> The OmniOS version I am running is r151014 – I have also tried the latest
> current build from 2016 and I get the same result
> I am getting the following error when performing : fmadm faulty
> Fault class: fault.io.pciex.device-interr
> Affects: dev:////pci@78,0/pci8086,3c08@3/pci8086,a21f@0 faulted and taken
> out of service
> This slot being reported is the slot closest to the cpu.
> The problem that I have is that I have 2 of these boards are showing the
> same error and I have tested these boards running
> Ubuntu 14.04 and Windows and I do not have any errors or issues using this
> slot. I am new to using super micro boards for
> my ZFS arrays and are used to using HP Servers (DL180 G6, etc)
> I don’t necessarily need to use this slot, but I am seeing strange issues
> with removing and re-inserting drives where drives
> Show up when running "iostat –En” but not when I run format to label them.
> I thought the 2 issues maybe connected.
> Kind Regards
> Shaun McGuane
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