[OmniOS-discuss] r151020 installer issues

John Barfield john.barfield at bissinc.com
Tue Mar 7 20:25:32 UTC 2017

Yeah, its definitely the hurry factor…this SAN was running r151012 and instead of upgrading I’m just reinstalling. (going on pretty long outage duration now)

I did get python errors @99% the last time I ran the installer.

Here are a list of issues I had (I did not write down the actual error messages so these are simply generic):

·         Crashed @5% after copying data into var

o    Dropped to shell checked install log

§  Saw complaint about dumpdev not unmounting so I removed it and re-ran the installer

·         After rerunning the installer the system got to 99% and color terminal disappeared…I just saw random messages about disks infinitely

o    Rebooted and reran installer

·         This time I got all the way through the installer to 99% and it crashed. A lot of python errors in the installer log.

·         Gave up and downloaded the r14

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Btw, the installer for the next release of OmniOS is brand new, based on our PXE installer Kayak. Between Loader replacing GRUB, Python2.7, and reports like yours, it's time to put Caiman out to pasture.

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