[OmniOS-discuss] how to set a ipv6 address in a lxzone

Lauri Tirkkonen lotheac at iki.fi
Thu Mar 9 11:01:07 UTC 2017

On Thu, Mar 09 2017 10:07:22 +0100, Manuel Oetiker wrote:
> I what to setup a lxzone with a ipv4 and a ipv6 address.
> /usr/sbin/zonecfg -z franz add net; add property (name=ips,value="") ; add property (name=gateway,value="") ; add property (name=primary,value="true") ; set physical=franz0; end
> this ist working but how can I add the ipv6 address?

I found the following works for SLAAC+DHCP, but I haven't tested static

    add net
    set physical=foo0
    add property (name=primary,value="true")
    add property (name=ips,value="dhcp,addrconf")

ie. just add another address into the same property and delimit them with

Lauri Tirkkonen | lotheac @ IRCnet

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