[OmniOS-discuss] Bloody update on Repo, plus Kayak for ISO is almost beta

Volker A. Brandt vab at bb-c.de
Fri Mar 10 18:58:25 UTC 2017

Dan McDonald writes:
> > - I like the "straight install to pool" option.  I have had this in my
> >  Kayak net installer for a long time but never sent the pull request.
> You can only install it on a PRE-CONFIGURED rpool.  The idea is you enter
> shell first, create your pool, exit the shell, and then use option 2.  It's
> for people like me who dual-purpose SSDs for rpool, slog, and leave
> unallocated room for load-balancing.

Yes, that's exactly how I do it, except that I have hacked my Kayak
PXE-based installation environment to accept a new option. :-)

> > - The keyboard selection did not work; I selected 18 for German but
> >  still got US.  This may well be due to VBox interfering; I usually
> >  don't use the console of my VMs but just ssh in.
> Did that ever work on the Caiman installer?  If it does, I may need more
> fixes in the build_iso.sh script I have.

TBH I have never tried it, but am willing to do so on a real-metal
install RSN.

> > - The disk selection screen had some lines with more than 80 columns,
> >  causing line wrap.  So it all looked a bit ragged.  Worked fine,
> >  though -- installed on a single 20GB VDI disk.
> It's SUPPOSED TO be > 80 columns and ragged. It's one reason you only get 7
> disks at a time on a screen.

Ah OK.  Some Linuxes switch their console into a different video mode
giving more than 80x25 -- maybe that is an option.

> > - After installation, I wanted to stop the VM so I could remove the
> >  boot DVD from the config.  So I told VBox to "send the shutdown
> >  signal".  This caused a message of "/usr/sbin/shutdown not found".
> >  Maybe you want to put that binary on the miniroot. :-)
> I've had to bloat the original kayak miniroot a lot already.  You could use "init 0".  I could also include the hard-linked aliases to reboot:  "poweroff" and "halt". I think that would be easier.  To that end, I think I'll include poweroff and halt.

I guess I did not state my point properly.  I do know several ways to
gracefully stop a machine. :-)  My point was:  If someone for some
reason somehow generates the "shutdown" signal, there will be an ugly
error message.  You would need to include "/usr/sbin/shutdown" in the
miniroot, or fix the "powerfail" line in /etc/inittab.

Regards -- Volker
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