[OmniOS-discuss] arcstat ZFS question

Richard Skelton skeltonr at btconnect.com
Fri Mar 17 23:50:00 UTC 2017

Hi Dan,
Thanks for the prompt response.

But why the arc misses if I repeat the du and why is the L2arc size from
arcstat much bigger than from zpool iostat?

Dan McDonald wrote:
>> On Mar 17, 2017, at 4:12 AM, Richard Skelton <skeltonr at btconnect.com> wrote:
>> Why does du generate writes?
>> Is this normal?
> If you've L2ARC, it'd make sense that du (a program that traverses tons of directories if not more to find out how many blocks and/or bytes each file holds) would change the usage patterns AND that it would get cached in your L2ARC device.  Caches are written when usage patterns change.
> So yes, it's expected behavior:  caches change based on usage patterns, and "du -sh *" changes your usage to "read every directory".
> Hope this helps,
> Dan
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