[OmniOS-discuss] Quick Test of r151021 ISO Install using Xen HVM and an "xdf" Device

Stephan Budach stephan.budach at jvm.de
Thu Mar 23 17:05:19 UTC 2017


following-up on this thread, I managed to get the current r151021 ISO booting and installing on my Oracle VM Xen host - yay!! 

I have installed and tweaked /etc/system such as that the system boots up sucessfully. However, I am unable to configure the network card, since as soon as I am trying ipadm create-addr on it, omniOS crashes, dumps a core and reboots. 

Another interesting issue may be the fact that format shows two disks c1d0 <QEMU HARDDISK> and c2t0d0 <Unknown-Unknown>, when there is only one disk in the system anyway and rpool has been installed on c3t0d0. 

Also, there're some occasional log messages to the console about a PCI device from which no SOF interrupts have been received and which is an unusable USB UHCI host controller at this point. 

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