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Johan Kragsterman johan.kragsterman at capvert.se
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Thanks, Matjaz, but I wanted to use the SMF service: svc:/system/fm/notify-params:default. I just wondered how I would configure the mail address(in SMF) to be able to send to remote mail host with auth.

BR Johan

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The easiest way to send an email from CLI or crontab I found is Heirloom mailx. You can find it here:

You will need to make/make install yourself.

And then you can use info on how to set it up from here:

BR, Matjaz

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wouldn't it be easier to use your local MTA (postfix, sendmail) to do this? Then SMF just has to execute /bin/mail or equivalent and your MTA can act as an outbound relay agent.

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I need to send mails from SMF to a remote SMTP server, and want/need to include auth credentials.

I know how to use the SMF service to send the mail.

I know how to get the user/passwd into encode_base64, but how do I pass it on to the mail? As well as the port. I guess the port would look like this: root at mailserver.com:465, would it?

But the rest...?

I've seen Peter Tribble been blogging about these features, but not exactly how it would look like to pass on the credentials to your mail.

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