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Jim Klimov jimklimov at cos.ru
Fri Sep 8 14:18:07 UTC 2017

On September 8, 2017 4:04:11 PM GMT+02:00, Jim Klimov <jimklimov at cos.ru> wrote:
>On September 8, 2017 3:03:58 PM GMT+02:00, Sylvain Leroux
><sylvain at yesik.it> wrote:
>>Some comments inline:
>>On 09/08/2017 02:53 PM, Theo Schlossnagle wrote:
>>> The community has taken over... and releases are even on schedule.
>>> http://www.omniosce.org/
>>> As far as developer activity, the OmniOS project has wider
>>> participation and more activity now than it did prior to the
>>Thank you Theo: as I said above to Delroy A Blake, I wasn't aware of
>>OmniOS "Community Edition". And this project certainly deserves being
>>advertised. So if I may add my own little stone to the wall for that,
>>will be glad to do it.
>>> If you're looking for an "It's dead Jim" article, you might not get
>>> what you're looking for.
>>As a matter of fact, I was looking to the exact opposite: I I used a
>>Solaris in the 90s and early 2000s. And I was strongly disappointed to
>>see what happened to that great OS years after years under the
>>of Oracle in the 2010s.
>>My goal was to say Solaris was still alive -- and there are actively
>>maintained projects and distributions that have taken up the
>>- Sylvain
>>My goal was to say Solaris was still alive -- and there are actively
>>maintained projects and distributions that have taken up the
>To that effect, OpenIndiana Hipster is another major general-purpose
>illumos distribution that's being actively debeloped too, aimed at both
>desktop and server, with a lot of software and GUI desktop pre-packaged
>in its standard repository - in contrast with OmniOS that aims to be
>the minimal foundation of an OS.
>Also there are many smaller projects, outlined on wiki.illumos.org as
>well as unknown cores of storage, networking and other appliances.
>Hope this helps,
>Typos courtesy of K-9 Mail on my Android

...And for clarification - I spoke of general purpose distros but ended on a note of the hearts of appliances.

In that area of purpose-optimized illumos products there are of course some well-known larger bi-lateral opensource commercial players, such as Joyent (now part of Samsung) aimed at hypervisors and related storage needs, Delphix for databases, Nexenta for storage...

Also, the OpenZFS community codebase is a stripped-down illumos source tree that grows with BSD, Linux and other contributions.

Typos courtesy of K-9 Mail on my Android

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