[OmniOS-discuss] Can't destroy ZFS

Stephan Budach stephan.budach at jvm.de
Fri Sep 22 18:18:30 UTC 2017


after having received a zvol from my old S11 box vis zfs send/recv and being unable to re-import the LUN via stmfadm, I decided to remove that zvol/ZFS and start over. However, I cannot remove that particular ZFS and trying to do so yields this strange error: 

root at omnios:~# zfs destroy vmpool/iSCSI-Targets/EyeTV 
cannot destroy 'vmpool/iSCSI-Targets/EyeTV': dataset already exists 

The zpool currently looks like this… (by the way, no snaps whatsoever on it): 

root at omnios:~# zfs list -r vmpool 
vmpool 348G 3.17T 23K /vmpool 
vmpool/esxi 39.4G 1.96T 39.4G /vmpool/esxi 
vmpool/iSCSI-Targets 238G 3.17T 23K /tank/iSCSI-Targets 
vmpool/iSCSI-Targets/EyeTV 238G 3.17T 238G - 
vmpool/nfsCloudData 70.3G 186G 70.3G /vmpool/nfsCloudData 
vmpool/nfsZimbraData 41K 100G 41K /vmpool/nfsZimbraData 

I have scrubbed the web a bit for this particular error, but all the reports seem to relate to either snapshots or clones. 

Any idea is greatly appeciated. 

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