[OmniOS-discuss] OmniOS stable r151026 released

Andy Fiddaman omnios at citrus-it.net
Tue May 8 22:32:36 UTC 2018

The OmniOS Community Edition Association is proud to announce the
availability of the second Community release of OmniOS - r151026

The new release comes 6 months after the the first community release back
in November 2017. As per the published release schedule the previous stable
version is supported for a further six months to allow time for
upgrades and the LTS r151022 version remains supported untilMay 2020. We
encourage anyone on the stable r151024 release to begin planning their
upgrade to r151026.

The release notes for can be found athttps://omniosce.org/releasenotes and
instructions for upgrading at https://omniosce.org/upgrade - AWS images
have also been pushed out to all regions.

For more information, please see our full release announcement at

About OmniOS Community Edition Association - this Swiss Association is
responsible for the ongoing development and maintenance of OmniOS, having
been established in Summer 2017 after OmniTI announced their withdrawal
from the project.

OmniOSce Association
Aarweg 17, 4600 Olten, Switzerland
info at omniosce.org
Citrus IT Limited | +44 (0)333 0124 007 | enquiries at citrus-it.co.uk
Rock House Farm | Green Moor | Wortley | Sheffield | S35 7DQ
Registered in England and Wales | Company number 4899123

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